Spirits live forever

As humans, especially young humans, we never think about dying.

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What Leanne Red said


All very good opinions. Especially following, worshipping Jesus full word not with worldly mixture. This is the answer to many problems. He is Truth not lies which we see so much


He saves is not a buzz word. It is reality

Bad police need to be fired. Police Unions must join in with this reform

The lie the media is spreading about justifying violence , destruction , stealing and anarchy is against Gods word thus worldly ignorance

Peaceful protest will get much more traction than chaos regardless of the lies by the left and cult media


Some good points, except "when the looting starts, the shooting starts" concept during the 1960's by segregationist George Wallace and Miami Police Chief Headley, plus recent tweets of the same. Theft (stealing) or looting are not a felony and shooting a thief or looter is unlawful. The people have the right to demonstrate. It’s unlawful to riot, commit arson or destroy property; however – again – it’s unlawful to shoot someone to stop such activities. Read up on the rules of police for “Use of Deadly Force”


I might find myself in trouble, but I guarantee if someone comes to my property/home with the intention of stealing or doing harm, he/she is going to be shot.


Sailfish, you may mean to shoot someone; sorry but you could be in trouble in most situations. The various laws are compex and the consequences to you severe, so I don’t attempt to be an expert. Check the laws, get a permit to carry, or ask a licenced firearms instructor. You can’t shoot/kill someone STEALING property. You can protect yourself or others in your home, your own place of business from an INTRUDER who is unlawfully breaking into your HABITATION and you are inside being threatened. That does not include unattached buildings or structures (not habituated), your vehicle (unless you are in the vehicle and are threatened by an intruder therein. It would not allow shooting a person stealing property such as lawn ornaments, breaking into or vandalizing your vehicle, mearly trespassing, etc. And for gosh sakes, don’t protect your neighbor’s property, car, etc. Unless licensed and the weapon is concealed, you can’t walk around outside carrying a handgun, which could get yourself injured. Have you SERIOUSLY sat down and considered how it could effect you to kill someone? Could you even do so?

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