Appraisal district hurting taxpayers

The Brazoria County tax thieves are at it again. Never waste a crisis to screw property owners.

The Brazoria County Appraisal District sent out property valuation notices with dramatic increases which translates to increased property taxes. They know demand for housing is down and will continue to go down because of COVID fear. So, increasing valuations now will offset future losses.

Oh, and by the way, we can no longer protest these valuations in person even though Brazoria County Commissioners Court compelled BCAD to reinstate it.

First, increasing taxes during a time of financial uncertainty is preposterous. At the least, property valuations should be frozen for the next year. Taking personal contact with a human auditor out of the equation also puts the property owner at a disadvantage in the negotiation.

BCAD, regardless of who signs your paycheck, we taxpayers pay your salary. Keep that in mind as you bite the hand that feeds you.

Robert Irwin, Sweeny

US moving toward globalist society

“Free at last!” That’s how I felt getting a haircut Monday sharing opinions again, while waiting to be shorn.

Too lightly I’ve taken my First Amendment rights of assembly, speech, free press and exercise of faith. Violation of Fourth and Fifth Amendments loom with tyrannical mandating of swabbing and vaccinations to hold a job or go to school, an abridgment of our Constitutional covenant of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Through fear, we accept precipitously established rules from an unelected Bill Gates-complicit vaccine/pharma bureaucrat dictator. Critical diagnostic centers lie dormant, displaced by misapplied deadly ventilator depots instead of recommending proven zinc/hydroxychloroquine.

We’re dutifully socially distanced wearing masks like Antifa gangsters. Our county judge proudly establishes unconstitutional rules “with teeth” applied whimsically, choosing essential over nonessential by DA and sheriff. Jails are emptied of society threats to make room for deplorable discontents.

In college, I visited behind the Iron Curtain. I witnessed desperate people arising predawn waiting in lines at stores with shelves empty or of meager selection.

I asked for the ribeyes on sale Monday. No doing. “Sold out! Try coming early tomorrow. There’s a limit of two.” I hear of food chain breakdowns and suppliers having to bury crops and animals while we import food.

A perfect storm is setting up a totalitarian globalist society according to UN Agenda 21/2030. Sadly we’ve forgotten Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s USSR, Mao’s Red China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Castro-Guerra’s Cuba and lately Venezuela.

Those who forget the past are doomed to relive it.

Tom Bailey, Lake Jackson

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