Back in 1979, t ickets for a concert by the rock band The Who in Cincinnati were sold based on what they termed “festival seating.” In essence, most of the seats in the 17,500-seat arena were sold as general admission — the best seats would go to those who got there first.

Thousands of people gathered outside hours before the concert for their chance to be on the front row. When the gates opened, thousands of fans pushed forward. Many of those in the front were trampled in the crush to get inside. Eleven people were trampled to death, including three teenagers.

This editorial was written by Michael Morris, managing editor of The Facts.

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Right string baby but the wrong yoyo. Biden created this mess by inviting them here. In a debate he said he wanted them to flood the border. As fraud elect he was more or else to come here. His executive action canceling remain in Mexico policy also had a huge impact on this invasion of future democrat voters.


So now it’s not George Soros?!?! This happens with every administration so stop feigning outrage.


The refugee camps weren’t Trumps fault . It’s the leftist activists who for decades have promised poor people better life in America with no regards to law. The same activists who gave away Biden shirts. This has been reported by honest journalists who have been to Central America. Trump policies were effective. His goal was for LEGAL immigration to protect Americans from cartels , tons of drugs into America , criminals , terrorist. The open border policies of Clinton, Bush and Obama caused over 63,000 in drug deaths and 10,000 deaths from criminals per year

The so called inhuman treatment was from Obama’s administration too,Trump used his policies

Father of Six

Stop the denial.

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