America Protests Confederate Monuments

Paint and protest graffiti covers the Jefferson Davis Memorial in Richmond, Va. on June 7 after a week of unrest in the U.S. against police brutality and racism in policing. Erected by a Confederate group in 1907, protesters toppled the statue days later.

Back after Sen. John McCain made Sarah Palin his running mate on the 2008 Republican ticket and well into Barack Obama’s presidency, conservative pundits coined the term “Palin Derangement Syndrome” to respond to any criticism lobbed at the former Alaska governor.

It was an effective phrase that stuck, in part because the Democrats couldn’t stop talking about someone whose penchant for self-promotion exceeded any value she could provide to political discourse.

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The destruction of these statues has nothing to do with the civil war. It is a civil war. These marxist trouble makers want to destroy America so they can have what they think will be a communist utopia. America owes Senator Joe McCarthy an apology.


Well thought out article. I can see the pain of folks whose families were slaves and the hurt from these monuments

I had the Irish side of my family fight for the Union and Cajan side fight for the confederacy

I’m glad Union one to rid slavery and unite our nation

The destruction of the Grant statue defines those who are behind this. Radical leftist who want anarchy. . The Lincoln reasoning from these folks possibly because he was white. No other rational


Now BLM leader Shaun White wants Jesus statutes taken down because he’s white and oppressive. Racism and Hate comes in all suits


PJBM sums it up: good editorial. It's inconceivable what we would be if the Confederacy had won! Doesn't matter if ancestors fought North/South (mine did also, so what?). Since we're bragging, my Irish side was Confederate and the German side was Union; the Italian side (50%) came over in 1906. It's correct saying white supremacy is radical and those small number of wackos want anarchy; but not the majority of any reasonable American. Bull is correct: this monument schism is because of racism today and slavery in yesterdays. Scary to think McCarthyism was reasonable.

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