Following science in nation’s best interest

With plenty of time on my hands as I stayed home to do my part in combating the spread of the coronavirus and keeping informed by the news media on the devastation of this infectious disease, I was intrigued with the idea that it was just another form of evil. This living microscopic entity of evil surely seeks to destroy and kill. I imagined it as a gas, toxic and undetectable, making its way through the world, slithering upon the currents of air, seeping across borders and distances to become this hurricane of pathogenic slaughter.

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Science is the religion of liberals. They will bend facts to politicize their agenda. Mr. Kaw suggests we listen to the scientists when they don't even have a clue. As an example at the beginning of this panicdemic we were told masks were useless. Now they try to make it mandatory for all us peasants. Nah. I will continue to trust God.


I don't agree with President Trump on everything either, but he is currently the absolute best choice for America now.


I read the headline, then I skip to the author, from there I can tell this is going to turn political or not and Mr Kaw did not let me down. I knew this was going to eventually be anti Trump. The president is having to make some decisions that I am thankful I don't have to make. We simply can not kill our whole economy over this. How many more trillions of dollars do we have to spend?


Science??? Dems and media have cramped on science which doesn’t fit their narrative

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