As we, along with the world, witnessed the brutal public execution of George Floyd in Minneapolis, we must now stand up, speak out and support the efforts to bring about a historical change in this country.

His horrific death is not a social disease but rather a symptom of that disease, as is the significantly greater effect of the COVID-19 on African Americans or the percentage imbalance of the prison incarcerations and penalties. Name a negative societal attribute (poverty, incarceration, dropout rates, etc.) in the United States, the percentage of African Americans will be disproportionately represented.

Dorothy Thomas is president of the Martin Luther King Celebration Committee of Brazoria County.

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Here is an inconvenient fact. The police have killed far more white people.

Here is just one example no one heard about.

On August 10, 2016, Dallas Police killed Tony Timpa, a 32-year-old resident who had not taken his medication. Timpa was already handcuffed while a group of officers pressed his body into the ground while he squirmed. It took over three years for footage of the incident to be released. The footage contradicted claims by Dallas Police that Timpa was aggressive.[20][21] The officers involved were Sgt. Kevin Mansell and Officers Danny Vasquez and Dustin Dillard.[22] Criminal charges against three officers were dropped in March 2019 and officers returned to active duty.[23]

Michael Morris Staff
Michael Morris

In terms of raw numbers, you are correct. However, non-Hispanic whites make up about 61% of the population while they made up 40.1 percent of police shooting deaths in 2018 and this year and 36.9% last year, according to Statista. African Americans make up less than 12 percent of the population, but accounted for 21 percent of police shooting deaths in 2018, 23.4 last year and 20.5 percent so far this year.


I could give you another statistic but I would be accused of racism. Bottom line we don't have a racist problem. We as a nation have a spiritual problem. What was done to Mr. Floyd and Mr. Timpa are outrageous, and cannot be tolerated in our society.


Systematic racism?

Inner cities in America contain a majority of the Black population

These cities have been run by dem black politicians for 60 years

What is happening in these communities after 22 trillion spent

1. Failing schools to these young folks.

2. High crime and gangs

3. High murder rates amongst young black males. 18 does last weekend alone in Chicago

4. Economic void. Businesses left due above

This is part of the equation to resolve racial disparities

But do we hear a cry for this?? Not from Morris’s, not from dems, maybe a few honest ones, dem

Cult media. No

We hear this from black consent and Pastors

Why Mike?

Michael Morris Staff
Michael Morris

You don't hear about them because they don't fit your narrative. Politics won't solve the issue; hate comes from the heart, and it is plentiful as you routinely prove.

From the Chicago Tribune:

"Did you hear about the men of Alpha Phi Alpha, the nation's oldest black Greek-letter fraternity, marching down 79th Street last month to protest shootings in Chatham? How about the army of mothers in Englewood who gather at the scene of every shooting and patrol the streets of their neighborhood on foot? And what about the annual peace march in Grand Crossing that draws hundreds of South Siders onto the streets at the start of the school year?

"This is a sample of what you overlooked while you were busy keeping tabs on the weekly death count. You need those numbers when spouting off that blacks kill more blacks than white cops do."

Father of Six

I don't agree with his narrative, but I don't know if you jumping in and sparring with your readers is the best way to save The Facts. You present an opinion, and readers respond with theirs. Never have I seen an editor so eager to run readers off. How do you know he overlooked it?

Michael Morris Staff
Michael Morris

The comment about overlooking is from the Tribune columnist, and Mr. Murphy is not a subscriber.


Hate?? Your Trump articles? Your lying and covering for dems?? No Biden articles, no Flynn updates, no Russian collusion updates. Please don’t dare lecture me on the heart, or narratives!! You been supporting dem narratives for years

I’m not talking about local folks in the neighborhoods, I’m speaking about you and your dem cult media. Are we seeing changes No. where is the national narrative or care??

Facts never prints anything on this

I actually care about this, apparently you don’t. Look into your own heart and shed the silence.

Maybe your heart won’t let you attack dem run cities

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