Election Day

Stickers rest at the Richwood City Hall polling place Nov. 6, 2018. 

Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order earlier this week to double the number of days in the early voting period for the primary election runoffs is a good move to spread out when people might choose to cast their ballot at any given time.

It does not, however, resolve one of the greatest problems posed if the spread of the new coronavirus has not been brought fully under control when early voting begins June 29 — a short six weeks away. That issue is adequately preventing the virus from being passed via traffic into and out of polling places and on touch-screen voting machines.

Among the runoffs gaining significant attention in southern Brazoria County is the Republican race for Texas House District 25, long represented by Speaker Dennis Bonnen of Angleton. County Tax Assessor-Collector Ro’Vin Garrett received the most votes in the primary March 3, but not more than half of those cast, setting up the runoff against Angleton City Councilman Cody Vasut.

The winner will face former Angleton mayor Patrick Henry in the November general election.

Democrats’ top runoff has M.J. Hegar and Royce West seeking to challenge U.S. Sen. John Cornyn.

How to protect voters exercising their voting rights, not to mention those working polling places, is not an easy riddle for election officials to solve.

Among the measures being worked on are plastic screens at check-in stations and protective gear for poll workers, and plenty of hand sanitizers for both workers and voters. Providing a stylus for voters to use, such as those people get for their cellphones and tablets, would keep the screens free of germs, though that option carries a significant cost.

Mail-in balloting, the predominant method for avoiding in-person voting, carried enough flaws — a lack of confidence in the security of vote-by-mail chief among them — combined with the short window to produce enough ballots makes that possibility untenable. Expanding eligibility to include groups considered high risk of becoming seriously ill if they contract COVID-19 should be considered, but worry about the disease alone is not enough cause to be granted mail-in balloting.

Voting is a right that should not be infringed upon by the government or a pandemic, and the potential spread of the new coronavirus should not interfere with people casting ballots any more than it interferes with their ability to go grocery shopping. Common-sense safeguards including social distancing, wearing masks and gloves and proper hygiene when voting will be as effective in a polling place as they are other public places.

Expanded voting opportunities combined with people protecting themselves will ensure a smooth, safe voting process.

This editorial was written by Michael Morris, managing editor of The Facts.

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Father of Six

Mr. Morris, here's a scoop for you, a woman named Tara Reade has made credible sexual harrasment claims against Joe Biden? Remember when you told us it was your duty to write an opinion piece about the accusations against Brett Kavanugh's? I do.


Morris and the facts will not report negative articles on dems. If Morris was a honest, non biased journalist this story would have been printed. Remember the facts did an editorial, all women must be heard

The facts, Dems all grandstands for Ford during set up and false accusations against Kavanagh but they have disappeared with 6 ACCUSATIONS, against Biden

Morris don’t judge anyone on grandstanding!!!!

The most important issue with voting is to have solid proof of voter eligibility. We see across the nation too much voter fraud even though Morris lives in a lib glass house and can’t face this truth. He doesn’t want to because his party is doing the cheating


That’s credible but the 12 women who accused trump of sexual harassment/assault are liars when they’ve done the same thing as Ms Reade? Why is that? And even Tucker thinks the timing of Ms Reade’s revelations is suspect.


Native. Are you afraid to let her story to be told. Morris’s and the dem press printed that story but won’t let the woman or women be heard on Biden. Why the silence??? Wasn’t Kavanagh very suspicious but story was told

Dems held national TV conference saying all women must be heard!! What happened


Not sure what I would need to be afraid of. She’s been telling her story and rather inconsistently. No one has tried to stop her. Biden hasn’t called her a liar and ugly and someone he would never be attracted to unlike trump.

Father of Six

That's not the point. We've been through all of the President Trump allegations. I'm calling out Mr. Morris's double standard, and he is silent.

Michael Morris Staff
Michael Morris

Here's a scoop back at ya: There is a deadly virus that has consumed just about every inch of our available news space for two months. Find some political story we've run instead. You can obsess on politics while we worry about telling people important community news and stories of goodness in the places we live. You can get that other stuff anywhere spun up just the way you like it.

As for Reade, she should be heard to judge whether she is credible. She keeps backing out of potentially unfriendly interviews. Why haven't the Republicans in the Senate called her to testify?


Ok folks I have a prediction for you all. The democrats are going to force Biden to drop out of the race. They will claim it's because of the sexual assault claims, but it will be over the new CNN poll showing President Trump torching Biden in the battleground states. And they will all act holier than thou about it.

Father of Six

I agree. It's obvious he has dementis or alzheimers just like Robert Muller. It's a shame and I feel sorry for him and his family


The point is Morris, Mintz and the lap dog dem media is silent after the fake game they played for women’s rights when the dems set up fake Kavanagh allegations. Morris was all over this but his head is in the sand with Biden

Morris protects dems

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