Dennis Bonnen and The Texas Tribune

Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen reacts to a comment from moderator Evan Smith, The Texas Tribune CEO, during an event hosted by the news organization Jan. 18 at the Dow Academic Center in Lake Jackson.

House Speaker Dennis Bonnen and conservative political operative Michael Quinn Sullivan are locked in an ugly battle with huge political implications. It’s high drama, complete with a secret recording, a Sullivan-issued ultimatum and what amounts to “bring it” from Bonnen.

The story broke more than a week ago that Bonnen had met with Sullivan, whose Empower Texans poured millions last election cycle into mostly fruitless campaigns aimed at driving out current members of the Legislature in favor of ones who would push the organization’s pet issues. Bonnen was one of those targeted lawmakers, yet he met with Sullivan, he says, to try to get him to back off current House members next year.

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The facts national news isn’t journalism either

It’s the hate Trump narrative from dems supporting mainstream media. We only get one biased side of the truth

Tom Glass

One of the things lost in all of the furor over the latest Dennis Bonnen controversy is how he attempted to keep the voters of HD 25 from hearing about how he has been betraying them.

He was so desperate to deny resources to Rhonda Seth, his 2020 GOP primary challenger, that he offered a government benefit to Empower Texans if they would not contribute to her campaign. Given that Empower Texans gave over $100,000 to Bonnen's 2018 primary opponent, that is asking a lot.

The very fact that Dennis Bonnen is willing to offer government services to keep his opponent from having a voice should make lots of voters want to hear from Rhonda Seth, don't you think?


Watch this investigation closely.

The Chair of this committee is Rep. Morgan Meyer, his largest individual donation of $19,890.00 is from the Dennis Bonnen Campaign.

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