Attorney General Ken Paxton’s ruling that the Electric Reliability Council of Texas is not a government agency is dead wrong.

The agency, known as ERCOT, manages the state’s power grid, which collapsed in February, leaving millions freezing, suffering with broken pipes and flooded homes. Reports estimate up to 200 people died from the miserable conditions.

This editorial was written by Yvonne Mintz, editor and publisher of The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0100 or

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It would be nice if the dem propaganda media like the facts would be transparent and report full truth on national and state politics. We always get one side from the facts. You are reporters on repub politicians but silent and shield dem politicians

You will not report truth on the border, dems walking out of their responsibilities as lawmakers, and other actions by the Biden administration like COVID anti white loans decisions to Farmers. Thank God judges in two separate lawsuits determined to be unconstitutional

Where is this outrageous story?

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