As Gen. Robert E. Lee rode about the Gettysburg battlefield after the Southern debacle, ordering his troops to retreat, he said again and again: “It’s all my fault.” “The blame is mine.” “All this has been my fault. It is I who have lost this fight, and you must help me out of it the best way you can.”

We don’t see such responsibility today. So get ready: In the debris of Afghanistan, it’s — ta-da! — finger-pointing season.

Lynn Ashby is a Houston-based columnist. Contact him at

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Father of Six

Lynn is a senile as President Biden. When will The Facts stop printing his rambling dribble?


They were multiple cases of voter fraud in Texas last year All by dems. I posted multiple cases and a video of ex dem operative proving the evidence. Ashby stop your lies please

We all know you are a propagandist for the dem party. Let’s make that clear. We never saw articles from you making excuses for Bush or Trump?

Yes the bucks stop with Joe. Major failure in this disaster


And you never see Byron York supporting President Biden. This is because York and Lynn are writing from different viewpoints. Logical people see this as The Facts representing more than one side of the equation yet you see this as dem media bias.

Father of Six

Byron's not senile like Lynn and President Biden.


Lol. Have a good weekend.


Well stated, Lynn.

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