Texas senators holding someone’s feet to the fire over the slow response to a statewide emergency normally would be cause for applause. Only in this case, the flames should be burning through the lawmakers’ shoes, not those of the regulators who took their grilling.

Those business-first lawmakers were the ones who gave utilities the loopholes an arctic chill could whip through unfettered, not the members of the Texas Railroad Commission.

This editorial was written by Michael Morris, managing editor of The Facts.

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Father of Six

Blame? Set aggressive but achievable goals. Hold people accountable and manage the progress. These are for profit business that are accountable to owners and share holders as well as state and federal agencies. The Facts is a barely viable local newspaper after the global pandemic created an economic meltdown. This is what I mean by newspapers needing people with real experience on their editorial boards. Does anyone other than the "sky is falling" democrats believe we will have another winter like last year anytime soon? My kids hope so.


Morris is quick to attack Texas Legislature while he ignores Washington We all know why. Dems are in control. The reconciliation bill will toss the Lois Lerner degree by a federal judge which cast judgement on the IRS for political witch-hunt on conservative, religious and pro life organizations. Biden and dems want to go back to Obama era IRS and are already doing so to deny groups rights to political

opinions . Also dems want to drop the threshold, of 10,000 dollar personal transactions to 600

Morris won’t dare report this wicked power grab by dems


The Railroad Commission is there to oversee the progress. They are dragging their feet, like many entities are doing, and should be held accountable.

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