Biden Mexico

A Honduran man seeking asylum in the United States stands among tents that line an entrance to the border crossing Monday in Tijuana, Mexico.

During the 2020 campaign, candidate Joe Biden promised to undo President Donald Trump’s border security policies. He pledged to halt all deportations for 100 days and allow asylum seekers who enter the United States illegally to stay in this country while their cases are considered, rather than wait in Mexico, as Trump required.

It was obvious Biden’s changes would attract a flood of new illegal immigrants. So during the transition, the president-elect tried to lower expectations. In late December, Biden told reporters he would not throw out the Trump program immediately, lest the United States “end up with 2 million people on our border.” Instead, Biden said, he would take some time to set up “guardrails” to make sure his new system would work smoothly.

Byron York is chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner. Contact him at

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Biden is a disaster


And the fear mongering continues. I read Ms. Giartelli’s article and she starts by saying 350 migrants have been dumped in a small AZ border town only to later say its Yuma with a population of over 96k. Byron leaves out the quote from the mayor of Yuma where he says 350 people isn’t a large number but they expect that number to grow. Yuma does not have a single nonprofit organization that focuses on migrants, and its shelters are already near capacity with homeless residents, according to the mayor. I’m sure those homeless didn’t just appear January 6, 2021. Seems like a city that is a very busy US port-of-entry would have at least 1 nonprofit to help guide migrants. Based on what I’ve read and researched, I won’t be buying into your fear today Byron.

Father of Six

Have you ever been to Yuma? Very busy port of entry? One way. Why do you and the care more about illegal immigrants than American citizens? Another sick, crazy, liberal idea.


Why do I have to care about one over the other? Aren’t we all God’s children? Actually I was in Yuma January 2020. Your point? And what idea did I pose? I was responding to the misrepresentations from the article quoted.

Father of Six

Spare me. You don't seem to care about unborn children. If you were in Yuma you would have notice a couple of things. The lines in the morning are into the US and out in the evening. You would realize 350 homeless people in Yuma is a problem. You would also notice there are only three major industries and dumping 350 homeless, out of work people would impact Yuma. I love Yuma and you have no clue about Yuma.


You sure judge me a lot considering you don’t know me. I asked why I had to care about one over the other and you deflect to abortion. When I was in Yuma, I noticed numerous Biden Harris signs and empty trump road side stands. You are arguing the need for nonprofit help btw. See you can care about both. My family and I love to float the Colorado River. Recently discovered the Cocopah Resort and Casino which is a nice place to stay even if you aren’t a gambler. But wait I don’t know Yuma, do I? Have a good night, Father of Six.

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