Ah, a quiet, dark and wet evening with soft music from the Prussian Army Marching Band, and …

Lynn Ashby is a Houston-based columnist. Contact him at

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Father of Six

"You can keep your doctor if you want to keep your doctor". "I need to know who's a#* to kick". "the Cambridge police acted stupidly". If I had a son he would look like Trevon", "I visited all 54 states" "My family is from Kenya". "white people who cling to their bibles and guns" "the Russians are not our biggest threat" "you didn't build that" Lynn Ashby and The Facts are washed up and irrelevant.


Mr. Altman, I read and re-read Ashby's column. Seems to me it's simply a tongue-in-cheek summation of the "Great Conspiracy." There's no doubt that such conspiracy theories that Ashby listed are out there - It's fact. So, what's the problem with listing them? Ashby did get serious about ANTIFA; but it's his column and he's entitled to editorialize. No obnoxious there, except: "Well, at least this obnoxious opinion was in the right place — on the editorial page" By the way, only the 1st and last paragraphs of your letter to the editor are of any importance and germaine to Ashby's commentary.

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