When it comes to immigration, Gov. Greg Abbott brings a false heat, promising a border wall that will never truly be built and making unfounded allegations of child abuse outside a migrant children’s shelter at the Freeman Coliseum.

When it came to reforming the electric grid this session, following February’s deadly freeze and widespread outages, Abbott left Texans out in the cold, especially when he claimed, “Everything that needed to be done was done to fix the power grid in Texas.”

This editorial is reprinted from the June 29 edition of the San Antonio Express-News.

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More far left judgement. This paper is an attack dog for the dem party. One , we need schools to teach math and science not life decisions. This is the parents job. Let’s go back to teach about Jesus , leftist want to teach everything Just as the CRT Marxist devised and written hate and judgement doctrine whom the TEA says they will teach regardless of state law.This is pure indoctrination from marxist professors. This paper ignores the border disaster from Bidens failed policy, and attacks Abbott for addressing 500% increase drugs and 800% increase of pervert offenders!! What happening the dem newspapers on the border? We saw articles quite often on Trump. Now there is complete silence on Biden !!! Go figure. The grid problem goes to Obama EPA. He forced closure of major coal plants with 4000 MW of power.


Of course the dem newspaper didn’t comment on the dems walking out and running from their sworn responsibilities. They lost the elections, so that’s the way it goes. Do your job and either voted against or abstain . Don’t run like cowards


The facts has two hit pieces on Abbott. Be ready folks. Election time is approaching and the facts will try to attack Abbott every time they can, to make a dem opponent look good.

I predict Abbott opponent won’t get one negative article from the facts. They don’t go after dems. Notice the silence on Biden

Remember all the hate and hit pieces on Trump

Facts are happy a dem for President

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