One central tenet of any representative democracy involves holding elected officials accountable — and not just through elections every so many years but through the rule of law that ensures no public official is above laws others must obey. Yet more and more we see elected officials claiming they are indeed above our laws. Latest example: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who last week through the state solicitor general argued before an appeals court that he’s exempt from our state’s whistleblower act because he’s not a public employee.

This claim should raise eyebrows, questions and stink. One inquiry from the peanut gallery: Why on earth then are we Texans paying Paxton an annual salary of $153,750? He’s sure listed as a public employee in the state retirement system.

This editorial first appeared in Sunday's edition of the Waco Tribune.

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Father of Six

How about we wait for the trial Al Sharpton. How did the whole our President is a Russian spy work out for you guys? Just wish Mr. Morris and some of his buddies from other newspapers were as disgusted about democrat lawmakers zeal to kill the unborn.


Mr Morris, since you like to go after Paxton, why haven’t you covered any of the stories on Hunter Biden for example? They have found the laptop info was true, facts never covered it, money dealings like the painting. Why do you treat repubs different than dems? Bias? Ideology prevents you from conducting fair reporting?

Michael Morris Staff
Michael Morris

Hunter Biden has never been elected to anything. He certainly isn't the state's top law enforcement officer.

As for "bias," how much have we reported on Devin Nunes' shenanigans? Matt Gaetz's predilection for teen girls? MTG and Boebert? antics. We ignore both sides pretty equally on national politics, and as a community newspaper, rightfully so.


But you reported negative articles on Trumps kids??? But silent on Hunter. BIAS , You haven’t reported anything on Harris. Bias, What about Pelosii’s ethics issues?? Bias, You never reported Cuomo’s issues with sexual harassment and his stepping down. He’s a major dem in a bigmouth state. BIAS

Michael Morris Staff
Michael Morris

Cuomo was not the governor of Texas, and we actually did report on the harassment allegations and on Pelosi's ethics issues, just not as much or in the way you would like. Trump's kids were front and center in his campaign and administration. Hunter is his dad's Roger Clinton and Billy Carter. And again, let me know when the Epoch Times and InfoWars start reporting on Clute house fires and Brazoria County budgets. Their readers care as much about those things as we do about Kristi Noem's ethics, another thing you won't find in our pages. Is that cause we're biased too?



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