In Brooks County, deputies have found so many dead migrants in the brush, the state government brought in a portable morgue to handle the overflow. In Val Verde County, exhausted law enforcement officers are relying on game wardens from Florida to help pull bodies of migrants from the Rio Grande.

These disturbing accounts didn’t come from immigrant rights activists but from sheriffs themselves during a state House appropriations committee hearing Aug. 24 on a nearly $2 billion border security bill.

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Father of Six

The Houston Chronicle still exist? Who knew.


Pure left wing article. For a start these issue weren’t happening under Trump. They quit trying to cross and risks lives due to Trump border plan which enforced laws on our books. Biden opened the border not Abbott . We weren’t hearing cries from southern Texas Mayors and Sheriffs until Biden opened the border.Even Dem Rep Hebert Cuellar asked Biden to close it as they were overwhelmed. Now the chronicle attacks Biden

It doesn’t surprise me the facts printed this left wing attack piece blaming biden problems on Abbott. Nice try Chronicle

These folks are being stirred up and promised a way into the US by left wing activists with little regard to life and children. Remember the biden T shirts. Wonder where those came from?

Mexico and Guatemala told Harris its Biden’s fault with his open border policy. Period. Chronicle are liars


I doubt you were listening for anything other than right wing talking points and fear mongering on the border.


Fear mongering? No the truth which escapes you

Drugs, criminals , pervert offenders all up by large margins. That’s fear mongering?? I know you don’t want to hear that do you. Not the dem narrative

Here’s an article from Politifact ( left leaning) on Border statistics under Trump, who also all polling shows American people want something done but weak joe is deaf

Chronicle is easy to prove wrong


The chronicle stated a lie which was proven Trump

Policies on the border, walls and enforcement cur illegal Immigration by the lowest it had been in decades. The chronicle said studies show it doesn’t work. Pure lie

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