Not so fast, Joe.

Last week, President Joe Biden spoke words that Americans have waited 16 months to hear. “We are emerging from the darkness of … a year of pandemic and isolation, a year of pain, fear and heartbreaking loss,” he said to a country that was celebrating its national day with picnics, cookouts, fireworks displays and parades.

David M. Shribman is the former executive editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Follow him on Twitter at ShribmanPG.

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That vaccination plan was already in place when he assumed office ,of course this writer , the facts and other dem propaganda media never gave Trump credit for getting the vaccine done through warp speed. Biden laughed at Trump and said his prediction to have at the time noted as well as the facts and other dem media. Well it happened and there was zero job well done. Why they won’t give any repub credit. There are scared this will help re-elect a repub. So instead they keep attacking . Where’s the attacks on Biden for not making his goals on vaccination he bragged about?

If Trump did this the attacks would be vicious

Instead crickets. We don’t get the truth from the facts and other dem polluted media just talking points Folks if you want true reporting , unbiased. Don’t look for it here. There are many new sources of news aside from dem propaganda media out there


As many people per time in office as died from COVID as a same given time as Trump

Where’s the facts and media. Crickets

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