The loudest voices in the room will win out when they are the lone voices in the room, which is one of the factors contributing to area school districts failing to institute more stringent measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campuses.

Sadly, that also is the case with many big decisions made by elected officials — they are made without the public showing up to be heard, or only one side showing up to shout down a proposal.

This editorial was written by Michael Morris, managing editor of The Facts.

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Father of Six

It's not legal to mandate mask in the classroom. Are you advocating lawlessness? Instead of protesting, how about you just send your kids to school with a mask. They have been proven to make you about 9% safer. Oh, and the the curve is flattening thank goodness.


Folks are misinformed if they don’t think like you and your left wing religion. Masks vary on their effectiveness. This is science and CDC feedback which you leftist love to quote

Misinformed is your paper on COVID treatment

You are so closed minded about treatment, you folks have disdain for alternative treatments that have proven to work even the. CDC is using Ivermectin for refuges. Mexico And India too with very effective outcomes.If you Dem media cults had listened to ALL Doctors and not dems talking point Doctors thousands of lives could have been saved. But just to fight Trump you folks trashed these ideas. How shameful and irresponsible The facts loves to attack others who disagree with left wing ideology but put yourselves in a glass house with your own misinformation on state and National politics.

Tom Fowler

Thank you for encouraging citizens to speak up for the health and safety of their children and for teachers. Public education suffers when local leadership is not allowed to follow the advice of public health professionals.

Father of Six

Our pediatrician does not recommend young people get vaccinated for COVID and believes mask are not very effective with children. She knows my children and I'll take her advice over a politicized government agency. What you mean is you want me to follow the advice of your health professional.

Michael Morris Staff
Michael Morris

In all seriousness, anyone heard from Bulldog lately? Seem to remember him mentioning having COVID and shortly after he stopped posting. Praying he is OK.


Same here. I’ve had same thoughts. Prayers he’s ok


Thank you Michael Morris for you thoughtful words and support of students, teachers and staff in our local schools. Reasonable and logical voices must be raised to stop this nonsense of politicizing children’s lives. Interesting that The Facts online polls report over 70% support school districts making local decisions about masking and Covid safety. Thank you for your article. From a retired school principal…..

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