Attack on Ashby sad

Regarding Mr. Altman’s opinion that Lynn Ashby’s column of June 25 was “drivel,” I would like to respond saying that nowhere in that letter was there any substantiating reasons for the comment. Such writing is merely firing from the hip. It’s strange how opinions differ, as I thought the column was masterful journalism weaving researched facts and humor into a contemplative article.

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Ashby throws flames at conservatives every chance he gets. Every once in awhile at dems. There’s no doubt his lib slant and attacks. If you journalist can take the heat then don’t dish it out. Period

Mr Moody is spot on. If one group is allowed to kill destroy and steal, but others must restrain. This isn’t the Lords word or way. He sees by heart not groups


Insert Byron York/republican and it reads the same.


Big difference. York has facts , Ashby ramblings of s tired lib

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