Democ rats started trying to remove President Donald Trump from office before he entered office. Now they are proposing to remove him from office after he leaves office.

How do you remove an ex-president? He’s already gone. That is the bizarre question posed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s obsessive quest to re-impeach Trump with just a few days left in his term. Why impeach the president now, as the House accomplished Wednesday, when there is not enough time for the Senate to hold a trial and pass judgment on the case before Trump’s term expires Jan. 20?

Byron York is chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner. Contact him at

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Hard to tell if it's Trump Derangement syndrome or just run of the mill brain dead democrats and RINOs


The Republicans will take the House and Senate in 2022

Father of Six

A gift to those seeking office as conservatives. I don't know if the Republican party can survive the likes of McConnell, Cheney and her 9 comrades. They've learned nothing.


A one term twice impeached president is something that has never happened in our history (congrats trump for being the best at that) so of course this process will have challenges and many questions yet must continue. The majority of the country will be glad to have trump and his administration behind us. Good riddance.

Father of Six

Well you should get used to it because in two years the Republicans will impeach Biden.

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