It has become common in some circles to call the Jan. 6 Capitol riot an “armed insurrection.” That leads to a few questions: How many rioters were armed? And what weapons did they have? What were the arms in the “armed insurrection”?

The Justice Department maintains a website listing the defendants and the federal charges against them in the sprawling Capitol riot investigation. At this moment, about 670 people have been charged, many of them with misdemeanors like “Parading, Demonstrating or Picketing in a Capitol Building.”

Byron York is chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner. Contact him at

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Disgusting, Byron. There were weapons therefore it was an armed insurrection. I don’t think the number of weapons is relevant Perhaps you should have interviewed the officers attacked who were maimed and injured to see if they considered it an armed insurrection. Treasonist Babbitt was not there for a peaceful demonstration as is evidenced in her own words in her many whacked out social media rants.


Good article. The dem media and dems have really put major spin on this for political reasons

That coward officer who murdered an unarmed woman , how was he under duress. Her red fingernails? We know how the facts and dem media would react if during one of the many ANTIFA and BLM riots , looting and attacks on police headquarters, if a unarmed minority woman was shot and killed by a police officer.This is a fact


The coward is the guy sitting on his computer calling the Capitol officer a coward. Clearly you have forgotten the video of those idiots saying heave ho trying to get through barricaded doors. I’m sure had they gotten through they just wanted to give Nancy a sweet sincere hug. Dude seriously you and this race thing is very disturbing.

Father of Six

Seriously Natives you make yourself look foolish. WE ALL know what an armed insurrection looks like. Your over the top hyperbole is nothing more than fodder for the fools on the left. Your hateful and disrespectful words toward Ms. Babbitt are dangerous and foolish. We all know you support BLM and have seen their handy work.


You’re right. We all know what an armed insurrection looks like because we all witnessed it on 01/06. You make me laugh by trying to point out what you perceive as hateful and disrespectful language towards a treasonist while using hateful and disrespectful language yourself. PJBM now is a good time for one of your hypocrisy rants. And I’ve marched with BLM on several occasions and we’ve never gone to the Capitol to try and over throw a duly elected President.


The facts won’t even report on the Arlington school shooter but does on every other school shooting

This game of two narratives of shock reporting is folks who have zero moral attributes.


Go to the search bar and type in Arlington school shooting. I just saw 7 articles about the shooting and the arrest of the shooter that were posted on The Facts.


I just did and saw 2. And one I’m not sure if it’s the facts. It’s was one paragraph The other was an editorial. Every school shooting has been a main story in the facts and not an editorial or if the facts one paragraph


DC police said their investigation of the shooting of Babbit wasn’t justifiable

Of course corrupt DOJ under Biden who wants to silence parents at radical school boards like nazi Germany , didn’t even do an full investigation


I didn’t see any of these articles in the facts. I could have missed, so I ask the staff of the facts to show the articles they posted ( not editorial ) in their paper

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