Trump sowing false hope about pandemic

President Trump’s false narrative that he is putting out that “we’re rounding the turn” with the COVID pandemic is wrong — wrong in accordance to God’s commandment not to lie, and wrong because it is a detriment to people’s safety and well-being. Many states are seeing a rise in cases and deaths and the stock market drop is an indication of the seriousness of this pandemic.

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This corner must be huuugge because trumps been rounding it for a while now. Vote him out!


You're an imbecil if you think biden or anyone else is going to stop this panicdemic. We can only let it run its course. Thankfully President Trump acted swiftly getting the ball rolling on medical treatments and equipment to save lives. He cut the red tape and got the military involved in getting necessary equipment in the hands of our doctors and nurses. Even democrat governors were praising President Trump's swift and decisive action. While the rate of infection continues to rise the death toll has flat lined.

natives5 I'm an imbecil lol I forgot trump took action, yada, yada, yada, lie, lie, lie. You mean the same equipment the doctors and nurses begged for and which trump said they were stealing? Hundreds of doctors and nurses died from Covid due to the inadequate PPE so this imbecil (lol) thinks you should find another way to back up your lies. Have a good afternoon, Bulldog.




Kaw doesn’t know Gods word. He keeps propping dems as saviors. Mr Kaw, Jesus preached wrath for those who live and conduct themselves with lying tongues Biden 1) sons dealings and he was aware 2) he flat lied on fracking 3) lied about Chinese travel ban which if Biden and dems were in charge millions would have died due to infected people flooding into America, 4) no one lost their insurance with Obamacare , just to name a few

Jesus really laid wrath on lawlessness. We know the dem openly supports violent destructive riots in our cities

Now the biggest sin , which Jesus says those who kill the innocent and have blood on their hands ( that’s all who vote or support abortion, no excuses) will be put to death and face my wrath. You blind dems just turn your heads as 4000 innocent life is mass murdered daily

Now Biden and dems want the baby killed even if born

Quit patting your evil self on the back. This sin is on you. You vote for the killing to continue

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