Ashby column drivel

In regards to Lynn Ashby’s commentary, “Conspirators are out to kill the truth,” did he include his own article in his ravings? I haven’t read such drivel since I last looked at a “news” article in the New York Times. Yes, the Times does get it right on a rare occasion, but stuff like this is what I’ve come to expect from them.

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Mr. Altman, I read and re-read Ashby's column. Seems to me it's simply a tongue-in-cheek summation of the "Great Conspiracy." There's no doubt that such conspiracy theories that Ashby listed are out there - It's fact. So, what's the problem with listing them? Ashby did get serious about ANTIFA; but it's his column and he's entitled to editorialize. No obnoxious there, except: "Well, at least this obnoxious opinion was in the right place — on the editorial page" By the way, only the 1st and last paragraphs of your letter to the editor are of any importance and germaine to Ashby's commentary.[cool]


Well said, Mr. Altman. I especially loved the part about proof-reading. In years past, I used errors from The Facts in my junior high English classes and was delighted when my 13- and 14-year-old students were able to spot them.

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