There is no middle ground when picking sides in a presidential race. A core number of people who voted for the candidate of each major party will refuse to accept defeat, as we saw in the elections of George W. Bush in 2000 and Donald Trump four years ago.

What we are seeing now is entirely different, however, not because of the obstinance of supporters on both sides, but because that obstinance could imperil our country’s security.

This editorial was written by Michael Morris, managing editor of The Facts.

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He wouldn't understand it anyway


There is no need for withholding these reports other than the fact trump’s acting like a sore loser, which he let us know he would be. All of this was expected, frivolous lawsuits, refusing to concede, as is the swearing in of Biden in January. It’s just tragic that Trump still can’t put country over ego.


You mean like Hillary did???? Didn’t hear this comment from Nsfive with Hillary’s sore losing

I believe he should be briefed unless dem party is under investigation. Which they should be


Umm Hillary was not the outgoing one term impeached president withholding intelligence briefings from the duly elected president so your comparison falls short. It’s time to move past Hillary. We have.


Not at all. You stated “ sore loser” Hillary and dem party were and still are sore losers. Two Trump wasn’t impeached. One body of Congress doesn’t impeach the President. Why do you think it sent to the Senate??

It was sore losers dems conducting a kangaroo court of falsehoods, backed by a corrupt media. The facts and others didn’t give a balanced reporting on this. Just dem narratives

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