If no one tearing south down Highway 288 ever had a speeding citation handed to them, odd are the perils of driving that stretch of road would be even worse than they are now. Why would anyone bother tapping the brakes, avoid tailgating or keep their middle fingers to themselves if reckless driving and speeding carried no consequences?

The same argument can me made with the statewide executive order issued more than a month ago by Gov. Greg Abbott mandating people wear face coverings in certain public situations. Without any inclination to enforce the order and levy some form of punishment against violators, the legal requirement amounts to little more than a suggestion.

This editorial was written by Michael Morris, managing editor of The Facts.

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Can't wait until November 4th

Father of Six

They aren't breaking the law, the are peacefully protesting! Wear your mask.


Morris. Where is your editorial on dem mayors governors who are allowing violence, destruction, intimidation of businesses by ANTIFA and BLM. This is a much bigger concern than masks. Turner is a joke anyway. You’ve never covered any of his scandals. We know why. He’s a dem


Wow. Listen to talk radio much? Not one independent thought in your argument. By the way. I live in Houston. Mind your own business. Concern yourself with Brazoria County issues if there any of significance.



Father of Six

So when you use the lefts arguments against them they go silent. I can't make any sense out of rwhoi's post.

Michael Morris Staff
Michael Morris

Dunno who that person is, but listen to zero talk radio and watch none of the cable news channels, so the arguments are pretty much our own.


rwhowie, your comments are welcome, even as an outsider. The entire article centers around people flaunting the law (I assume you can digest the information). So, most of the article delved into Houston's upcoming problems of fines for not wearing a mask - gonna be a major so-called "Violating My Constitutional Right" (to get sick and die). Also, a comment about Mayor Turner is expressing one's opinion. So a Houston resident telling these local readers to mind their own business, now THAT IS IRONY pure and simple. But thanks for contributing your opinion


Opinion on Mayor Turner? Remember the promise he made to Firefighters for a pay raise to get their vote then removed . So he basically lied. Then other



PJBM, you are correct "this is much bigger than masks." The thrust of the article YOU ARE COMMENTING ABOUT is the PUPLIC HEALTH CRISIS vis-a-vis (big words) the enforcement of state mandated mask wearing. So comment on the issue - unconstitutional, free speech, etc. - if you have any.

So, cut out your continual complaining. The Facts will continue with local news - certainly not Houston scandals. Sure there are scandals. If I cared, I could subscribe to the big city paper. But I don't care, I wouldn't waste time reading it. Give your "Dem paper" complaint a breather.

Here's some free advice for conspiracy theories: check the source, check the author, check the date for other mainstream articles, google for the subject.

As far as the SINGLE source you provided (kprcradio.iheart.com), which I will not read, it is the only one at that time (April, 2019) if you google for Mayor Turner Scandals. No one else cared in 2019. As far as the source, these crackpot radio blogs, such as kprcradio, one crackpot on their site is Glenn Lee Beck a conservative political commentator, radio host, and CONSPIRACY THEORIST. Beck is mentor for the author of your link Ken Webster, Jr. who obviously is part of the herd. Anyone care about his opinion on anything?

As far as Houston Firefighters, is that your business?


Opps! I stand corrected. Googling for the firefighter lies gets all kinds of April, 2019 garbage. I still am not interested in Mayor Turner.


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