Did you vote for a president in the last election back in November? Maybe not, because in the Lone Star State, that is hard to do.

How do we get more of us to vote? As usual, I have a solution, but first, not to get bogged down in figures, on our last Election Day, there were 29.8 million Texans. (I’m rounding these numbers, obviously.) Of these, 21.6 million were of voting age, and almost 17 million were registered voters, or 78 percent. But millions of these eligible voters stayed home or couldn’t find their county’s single ballot box. The state’s turnout was only 11.3 million. So two- thirds of registered voters voted, but only a little more than half (52.39 percent) of those who were of voting age actually cast a ballot.

Lynn Ashby is a Houston-based columnist. Contact him at ashby2@comcast.net.

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What a liar. So blame Texas if people won’t get off their behinds and vote. Pure left wing ideology. Blame others for ones failed actions . I don’t hear this leftist complain about New York or New Jersey voting times?


....coming from the man who blames the left for everything bad that happens in the world.


No native just the lies like this blind far left propagandist.Border, Afghanistan, inflation , foreign policy is collapsing, lying, baby slaughter,division , personal destruction, etc. Yes I reproof the left on this


You proved my point, you realize that?!


Lynn Ashby......you are so full of Socialist BS! If a person wants to vote, in Texas, they can do so easily. We just don't want the voting, unless they are legal and alive.

Father of Six

I have to guess The Facts has some type of obligation to keep printing this rambling fools nonsense. Most of us that read a newspaper are old enough to remember when we all voted on Election Day. Ah, the good ole days when voters actually had to want to vote and be responsible. Every survey show most Trump voters are MOST likely not to get vaccinated? I believe that's a little more than hyperbole. Thanks again for insulting the majority of your readers and Brazoria County.


They run Byron York and Lynn Ashby to appease to readers no matter your political leanings. If you don’t like what Ashby says just don’t read it. I actually prefer reading different opinions.

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