If you paid $1 in 2020 in federal income taxes, you paid more than FedEx, Nike and Houston’s own Kinder Morgan put together.

A new study finds at least 55 of America’s largest corporations paid no federal income taxes last year on billions of dollars in profits. This outrage came about not through illegal dealings, but using totally legal loopholes. For this we can thank the First Deadbeat, Donald Trump.

Lynn Ashby is a Houston-based columnist. Contact him at ashby2@comcast.net.

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Lynn, your Trump Derangement syndrome is showing. You keep repeating the misleading communist talking point. While corporations may or may not pay "Federal Income taxes" they pay in more taxes through payroll taxes, corporate taxes, capital gains and other taxes. So stop the class warfare.


Ashby. Have you checked lately what Biden has added to the debt? Of course left wing

non journalist won’t mention this

Oh did you mention Biden shelters millions in to a boy TD to avoid paying taxes on this. Of course not

Did you mention very little of the stimulus went to COVID relief and majority went to dem special interest groups?? No not a word

Father of Six

Is this a reprint of the Facts and Mr. Morris opinion piece? Are y'all starting to notice they repeat each other to back their liberal agenda up? Companies do not pay taxes. They pass them along as an expense to the consumer. If you, the average citizen wants to pay more by all means support Crazy Lynn Ashby and the Facts editorial boards idea of "higher corporate" taxes. Democrats and the media are the party of the rich, Godless abortionist and elitist.


The facts, Tribune and cadaver Ashby aren’t journalist. They are sheep for the dem party

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