The figure to keep in mind about this year’s race for the White House is no president has won a second term in modern history when the unemployment rate was above 7.2 percent.

Donald Lambro has been covering Washington politics for more than 50 years as a reporter, editor and commentator.

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Oh well I guess I just as well stay home and forget about even voting. Its all over nothing I can do about it. NOT!!! Thats exactly what these silly articles are about. If America elects brain dead biden it gets what it deserves. I just weep for my children and grandchildren.


What a lying article. I don’t see Rasmussen poll. This poll has been far more accurate

It has Trump ahead in all battleground stares and the race a dead heat

Loll at Bidens rally’s then look at Trumps. No comparison in enthusiasm

Trump has a higher approval than Obama at the same time

This is a very misleading article


The biggest threat to election interference is the dem propaganda media. They need to be reigned in. They are mews outlets but dem narrative misleading and indoctrinating the American people


trump can’t even say compassion much less exude it. That was hilarious!




Funny you of all people would become the topic police. PJBM mentioned Biden’s lack of compassion (again another hilarious comment) and I responded. Therefore the “off topic” should have been directed at PJBM Nice try, Bulldog, and thanks for taking such an interest in my comments 😊


The left wing author may need to update his article with a new Harris poll


Michael Morris Staff
Michael Morris

Clearly it's reflexive to call people who you don't agree with left wing. Lambro is al longtime conservative who Reagan used to consult for economic advice. He is a recipient of Journalist of the Year from C-PAC. He spent 20 years as chief political correspondent for the Washington Times. He is a featured writer at the Conservative Chronicle website. Byron York is one of his disciples.

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