Easily the most famous line of President Gerald Ford’s first remarks after being sworn into the Oval Office following Richard Nixon’s resignation are these: “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.”

After a year of fighting a pandemic that infected 10 percent of the U.S. population and killed 586,000 Americans — including more than 51,000 Texans — that phrase would be as fitting today, although it would be premature to say it’s completely over. The last year of disease, death and division has been a nightmare for most of us.

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Thank goodness President Trump was in charge when the panicdemic hit us. The fraud in the Whitehouse would still be bumbling about.


During this pestilence, many lies were told just to hurt President Trump. Dems made this very political and the facts marched on with the articles. The dem media trounced on Trumps comments on available drugs to treat Covid

The truth is out in two nations who used these drugs and now India , hydroxychloroquine, and ivermectin. These are helping reduce virus effects and eliminating it. So the lies by the dems media and leftist doctors/scientists cost lives just for politics early on before TRUMP warp speed plan got the vaccines developed not Joe Biden even though he’s tried to take credit


You and truth...quite the contradiction. Whenever I mentioned President Obama, I was told to stop whining, trump won. So stop whining...Biden won, he got a handle on the virus without having us stick UV lights up our backsides and taking bleach shots twice a day, something the twice impeached one-term former president would never have been able to do.


Biden wouldn’t have anything to work with if it wasn’t for warp speed whom Trump stated in the debates the virus would be available by the end of year. Biden laughed and so did the facts in their printing of articles making fun of Trumps statement. Well he was right and dem media wrong AGAIN


Correction: biden was installed due to fraud.


Impeached??? Did yiu read The NY Times story admitting all the Russian lies about Teump was a hoax

Yiu wibt read this in the facts. They ran with this story even though there was no proof and the dossier was paid for by Dem party and corrupt Clintons

Facts wrong again and never gave the other side of the story just dem propaganda


Trying to rewrite history?!? He was impeached twice PJBM. Don’t deny the facts.

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