With their hands tied by an executive order from the Governor’s Mansion, school districts have little recourse but to fully close campuses when there is a COVID outbreak. Leaders in Angleton ISD and Danbury ISD are to be commended for having the fortitude to take that action this week.

Closing campuses because of the spread of a virus is nothing new for school districts. Before anyone had heard of COVID-19, schools would be closed because of outbreaks of the flu. Without enough teachers to lead classes or students to learn, taking a break for the viral surge to run its course and disinfect buildings was seen as prudent.

This editorial was written by Michael Morris, managing editor of The Facts.

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Morris referenced Trump hoax comment. But Michael I didn’t see you put Biden’s comment?? “ I got COVID under control on national TV”. Of course all your subscribers know you won’t go after Joe. He’s a dem. That’s off limits

I suggest you read the findings from Mexico and India on your comment on horse wormer Invermectin

The results speak for themselves. I know it doesn’t fit dem or left wing so called “science”.According to CDC mask have to be of certain design to be effective!! I disagree with Abbott and believe schools should have freedom to make own decisions.A current study from Harvard and Israel show vaccinated people can carry the virus in their nose and throat thus be a transmitter . Having had COVID is 13 times more effective than the vaccine for those who have already suffered through this Chinese virus. Misinformation is everywhere, even in the papers Why, politics and ideology get involved


Talk about misinformation, before Trump got the vaccines through with warp speed plan, many folks died with COVID .Trump mentioned using prior to vaccine Hydroxychloroquine or Invermectin to combat the virus. Well the dems, dem media and their associations attacked this and actually outlawed it. Due to politics to attack Trump. Well we know know these drugs worked in countries around the World whom didn’t get the vaccines. Reports and studies from Mexico and India they had 97 % effective rate. Think of the lives which could have been saved but due to politics and narratives folks died. This was misinformation

Father of Six

Of course the Facts editorial board believes conservatives are dumb, booger eaters. Ivermectin is a miracle drug that cured and prevented River Blindness for millions of people starting in the late 80's. I use it everyday for rosacea. It's also used to treat horses. Mr. Morris spews the same garbage about Ivermectin as his liberal buddies at DNN, MSDNC and USA Yesterday's news. Wear a mask. On a good note thousands of babies are being saved starting today. Thank you Texas legislature for the "heartbeat" law.


Amen to that. The barbaric practice of baby killing is casting a very dark cloud from the good Lord. Just look around. Just like he promised the Israelis when they backslid

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