At 9:05 Monday night, State Department spokesman Ned Price issued a plaintive message to the new rulers of Afghanistan. “The Taliban needs to meet its commitments and obligations in Afghanistan,” Price tweeted. Those commitments and obligations include respecting freedom of travel, safeguarding the “basic rights of the people,” engaging in counterterrorism, “not carrying out reprisal violence against those who stayed” in Afghanistan and “forming an inclusive government.”

Who is Price kidding? Here is a quick answer: No, the Taliban is not going to do those things.

Byron York is chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner. Contact him at

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There are American personal and students , and Afghans still in that dangerous country due to Biden pure failure to plan. Also billions in military equipment. Taliban has more Blackhawk Helicopters than Australia

This was a complete disaster by Biden and Milly

Rasmussen poll ( usually most accurate) says majority of Americans think Biden should resign


Polls are a joke and nothing to hang your hat in. Well apparently you will.


How many terrorists are being "airlifted" to our country?


All individuals will be vetted so don’t fret about terrorist from abroad. Worry more about your own locally homegrown US terrorists.

Father of Six

Antifa? BLM? Weather underground? Abortion clinics? Natives I appreciate your concern about these terrorist groups. Who flew planes into the Twin Towers?


Crazy that y’all are so afraid of the people who were helping our soldiers. BLM and abortion clinics are not terrorists. The people who blow them up and set them on fire are the terrorists. And to answer your question, no one from Afghanistan flew planes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon or the field in Pennsylvania. I guess now I’m a terrorist in your hate filled eyes and heart. I’m concerned about the women who are being forced to carry a child out of rape or incest because some ignorant males want to control their bodies. How many are you planning to adopt or foster?


So native just admitted those who reaps destruction, fires, and attacks are terrorist. So you must conclude by your own words ANTIFA and BLM are terrorist

Now native you always mention impeachment

Biden called the Afghan leader and tried to get him to lie about Talibans actions in overthrowing the government. Isn’t that similar what dems lied about on Trump. Where’s your call for impeachment of Biden


You draw some odd conclusions but that’s expected from an odd person. BLM is not a terrorist organization no matter how hard you wish they were.


The facts just judged a person about being uninformed and quoted scripture. This is almost so insane it’s hard not to laugh. I bet we won’t see this article on Biden trying to get the Afghan leader to lie. The facts needs to search the scriptures for Lords word on truth. Maybe they overlooked that part


Sure, PJBM, sure (sarcasm emphasized).


Your words not mine


Reading comprehension lesson…I said those who blow them up and set them on fire are the terrorists. Them is referring to the abortion clinics from the sentence prior. Obviously no one has blown up BLM or set them on fire. No gotcha moment there, sorry. Lol

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