As politics plays out these days, we can expect lots of indignation, raised voices and blame-shifting when the Texas House and Senate host hearings today about the electrical catastrophe that befell the state during last week’s historic winter storm.

What we are unlikely to get is much in the way of answers as to how they’ll actually prevent it form happening again. Being angry earns more political points than being proactive.

This editorial was written by Michael Morris, managing editor of The Facts.

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Father of Six

I don't know that I would use the word "negligence", when you don't know that to be the case. Or, don't use such a broad brush. Should insurance companies not payout claims for people who "neglected" to properly protect their home from the freeze damage? Should we require everyone to add insulation and wrap every and all exposed pipes because we get a week of 20 degree weather in southeast Texas every 25 to 100 years? How about we do this as a requirement to purchase homeowner insurance? We'll learn from this and make improvements to our grid, but the misguided outrage is just that, misguided outrage.

Father of Six

Oh and on your democrat talking points on the windmills and solar, 100% of them froze.


Negligence, carelessness, laxity, all appropriate nouns for this disaster.

Father of Six

No. Best description would be weather event. People were warned a week in advance, systems failed and the weak suffered. Weak meaning those unable or incapable of taking care of themselves. Some self inflicted and other not.


Weak as in the power grid. So everyone was warned and could prepare except ercot? 10 years wasn’t enough time for them to prepare yet a week for the people was?!?! Like I said negligence,

Father of Six

Then I guess you feel the same about all your fellow neighbors who's pipes burst and were not prepared with whole home generators. Negligence


Facts forgot to mention the pumping stations out in West Texas where the majority of natural gas reserves are, could operate because they are powered by the windmills that froze

The grid is regulated called ERCOT and PUC

They failed

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