Like it or not, change coming to America

In response to Conrad Moody:

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First you say you don't agree with looting then you add that "but". Then you speak of physical things can be replaced. That tells me you do agree with the riots and looting then hide behind your love for god. Amazing!


Ms. Mack, I understand what you are saying and appreciate it. I didn’t gloss over the fact that you are a woman chasing God’s heart. I don’t support the looters/rioters BUT I understand the anger that has gotten people to that point. And I agree much needed change is coming to America. God bless us all!


Ms. Red, with all due respect, the color of privilege is white and green helps enhance the entitlement. The goal would be to see all people as American, color and socioeconomic status aside, of course, however, until society starts recognizing White privilege is real, how does one change it?


Yes it is an awesome privilege to get up every morning and go to work to see 40% of my check handed over to people who don't do anything but stir up trouble. Such a privilege indeed. We all have to live and die with the choices we make.


Native please stop your ignorant biased comments against whites. It’s pure racism to make a broad sweep comment

I enjoyed my white privilege in combat units during Vietnam Era war as a very young boy/ man. If I had white privilege , no whites would have went to war. I enjoyed white privilege paying my way through college with no affirmative action give aways

I enjoyed white privilege paying for my three children’s education with no special give aways from the government

When you talk of Jesus , then make broad judgmental comments , read his word a little more

There is zero justification for rioters or looters . Read Jesus word on this too .As more information is leaked most of these folks werent even aligned with Mr Floyd’s tragic incident

There is change needed across the spectrum, not just white people


You, sir, have no place to preach to me when you don’t even heed your own advice. You assume people of color get their education paid for because of preference; more ignorance . Have you ever asked yourself why affirmative action was needed in the first place? Speaking of broad brush, exactly where did I say just white people needed to change?


Yes I can because you judged me. So you reap what you sow. You don’t like the broad brush them don’t use it and you may get respect. Jesus says we can dust our feet off and walk away from those who reject his family

I’m a Christian and you broadly judged me and many others


Exactly how did I judge your Christianity? Stay focused man. Btw fellow Christian here.


Mr Native sir: I stated you gave a broad brush judgement of my God given skin color

from above reply , as “white privilege. This is the new racial attack on whites. Maybe you should examine your heart as a brother in Christ to check if you have any idol worshipping on race. I just suggesting

I have God privilege and Blesdings from a humble upbringing living on the Houston ship channel. Not exactly privileged neighborhoods and surrounding scenery

Jesus stayed we must come together in Peace and Harmony. Bear with one another. He also said how can you judge your Brother with a board in your eye. This applies to me and all of us. I wasn’t judging you but reproofing


You are implying (and sure sounds like judging) that I am a racist for saying white privilege exists. That's part of the problem. My family is judged daily based on their God given skin color and now that people are speaking up about the mistreatment of black people in America, people want to make this about racial attacks on white people. I pray to God for clarity on these issues because they effect my family on a daily basis even when these stories aren't in the media and forefront of our conversations. I want nothing more than peace and harmony with my brothers and sisters of the world but hard to achieve that when you aren't seen as equal to many because you have a darker pigment. I am truly trying to understand your viewpoint as those are the first steps in healing in my opinion....listening and understanding.


Whew! [love]

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