The investigation into a TikTok video posted by a Jones Creek deputy marshal suggesting people should respond to government representatives knocking on their doors with force should be complete this week, Marshal William Tidwell told us Tuesday.

Arguments being made in support of full-time Deputy Tait Cooper and concerns over his social media post have proven interesting, though far from surprising. They provide further evidence of a widening ideological divide framed under the banner of personal freedoms.

This editorial was written by Michael Morris, managing editor of The Facts.

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Then Mr Morris how come you never call out police who conduct dialogue or actions of police or Politicians who support left wing ideology?

If he violated rules of his employment, then it’s up to his supervisors actions to be taken. He’s no worse than the far left zealots in position of law spewing their thoughts

I didn’t see an article of the Portland police just watching ANTIFA beating folks celebrating their Christian faith

I don’t hear you protest when dems say they will come take our guns!! Or Trump supporters need to be sent to re-education camps. No you are hot on this guy because he bucked and attacked a failed dem party who ran an avowed communist on their party ticket. This is it. He attacked the party yiu shield in yiur paper every day


I speak with over 35 years of law enforcement experience, 32 years of it at Brazoria County Sheriff's Office and 30 years of supervisory experience.

There's a time and place for any peace officer to voice his/her opinions. Being in uniform and what appeared to be on duty is not the time nor place for doing so. It reflects on the other officer who are working there, the chief, and the city. Take the uniform off, get out of the patrol car, put civilian clothing on and scream from a soapbox in front of the courthouse as much as you want about socialism and Second Amendment rights and there's absolutely no problem.

This officer showed no forethought, nor maturity in doing that video, especially on TikTok. Whatever disciplinary action he receives, he deserves it.


Well stated, Mr. Morris. Can’t wait to see what the Angleton records show. That was an awful quick turnover.

Father of Six

Are you auditioning to be on the editorial board?


Not heeding your advice I see. Kick rocks.

Father of Six

No body likes a kiss.... Pucker up Natives


Why does me agreeing with Mr. Morris upset you so much? Get a life.

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