Seeing thousands of migrants walking across a dam on the Rio Grande at Del Rio and camping underneath the international bridge in that city should appall everyone on multiple levels.

The first is the obvious ease with which people can just come into the country like they’re walking into a Walmart. Del Rio is far from the only place they can do so, as in many spots the border river is so shallow it can be waded through to unoccupied areas of Texas. Where it’s deeper, rafts do the trick just fine, too.

This editorial was written by Michael Morris, managing editor of The Facts.

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Father of Six

The right answer for our Christian country is to stop murdering unborn babies out of convenience. George W Bush had the best opportunity to push meaningful immigration reform and he blew it. Gosh I miss that mean tweeting orange man the Facts editorial board hates so much.


Yes The Clinton’s made money from their fake foundation in Haiti

Every immigrant must be vetted to protect American citizens. We need to stop the left wing activist from stirring up poor populations and promoting to come to America

We need to own our own borders. The costs dollars, crime, drugs , gangs , perverts and cartels is a major burden on taxpayers and families


Look at a map of Haiti relation to Del Rio Texas. How did dirt poor Haitians get here?


Hispanic Americans call out Al Sharpton at the border and tell him to leave

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