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The Facts is adding Parade Magazine starting this week, and extra benefit for subscribers.

Well, we made it. The switch from seven days in print to five days went off last week, and this is our second official Weekend Edition.

Inside it, you’ll find great content, including a new addition — Parade Magazine. Parade, a weekly offering, and its sister publications, Spry and Relish, which publish monthly, join our lineup over the next few weeks. Make sure to try out the Numbrix puzzle inside Parade. It is exclusive to Parade-member papers, and I have heard it might become your next puzzle obsession.

Remember, this is the second week of our print frequency change, so there will be no printed paper on Sunday or Monday. Make sure, though, to check out exclusive web-only content that will be uploaded to all weekend. We might not print a paper, but we don’t stop reporting the news.

Signing up for The Facts online

I worked with circulation employees to answer phones last Sunday morning, the first day of the switch. Most subscribers calling had missed word about the change in the week when we announced it. Many, though, were print subscribers who wanted to know how to log on to their accounts at, to get all the news that comes with their subscription.

One reader sent us a Facebook message. She is a home delivery subscriber who never knew she could see our online content at no additional cost.

It took not having a print paper on Sunday and Monday to prompt her to ask the question, and I’m so glad she did.

All she had to do was pair her home delivery account with an online account at To do that, just provide your subscription number. Don’t have yours? Look on a recent bill or call our circulation department at 979-237-0142. They can walk you through signing up online.

The reader who wrote to me quickly messaged back, thrilled with how quick and easy it had been.

“I called and was able to start viewing,” she said. “Y’all are awesome!”

Home delivery and online are one price, so you won’t have to pay any extra. We want to make sure everyone gets all possible value out of their subscription, especially now.

We would not have dropped print days without a global health and economic crisis forcing our hand. Still, the move has forced us to pour more time and resources to our online product.

The results have been exciting. The paper produced several timely, well-reported web-only stories for reading and sharing last weekend, and will continue to do so every day we don’t have a print edition.

Readers’ Choice and honoring mom

Last week we launched our online Readers’ Choice ballot. In the first week, 10,700 people already had cast 125,000 votes online, blowing our expectations out of the water. Our print ballots, which will appear in The Facts six more times before voting closes in early June, including on Pages 4-6B today, are coming in as well. There is no doubt this already has been the most successful Readers’ Choice campaign in the paper’s history — with a month left to go in voting.

We also celebrate mothers at Readers are asked to upload a photo of their mom for a chance to win prizes from local businesses, including contest sponsor Angleton Flower and Gift. Winners will be selected at random. As of Friday, with three days left to upload, 127 people had posted photos and touching words about their mamas.

I snuck in a tribute to mine, too. My beautiful, smiling mom, Mary Guerrero, who we lost last year, is shown in the contest announcement image. She always was a model mom to me.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone. Thanks for reading.

Yvonne Mintz is editor and publisher of The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0100 or

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You can dress it up all you want, but it's still a bad idea


Did you cut subscription prices, to reflect to 104 papers you will no longer be delivering? There are still a lot of Folks who don't have online capabilities.


The online edition is a great way to keep up with local news anywhere, anytime.


Report the national and state news fairly and unbiased. Omitting stories like Joe Biden sexual accusations , up to six, Flynn’s corrupt set up and wrongful conviction by Mueller who has convicted innocent people many times before. Stop the dem biased

Father of Six

I guess it's not Mr. Morris duty to write about Joe Biden's accuser like it was with Judge Kavanagh.


I have been an avid reader of the Facts for over sixty years. It seems to me that the Facts management does not know their readers. If one will take the time to study the voting information about our area, they will find conservatives are over 60% of the community while liberals represent approximately one third of the voters. But as I read the Facts they write as if these number are reversed. Consequently I believe the newspaper readership will continue to spiral downward.

Father of Six


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