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Two days after a historic storm system crippled the Texas power grid and left millions of people to fight off hypothermia in their own, electricity-deprived homes, Texas state leaders have taken decisive actions.

They have blamed others for the problem, and they have made it a priority for the current legislative session.

This editorial was written by Michael Morris, managing editor of The Facts.

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Better get used to freezing. Biden and his looney democrats want to get rid of fossil fuels.


Ted? Ted Cruz? Paging Ted Cruz? 🦗 🦗. He must be nice and warm as he’s being roasted online for his ignorance in calling out CA for their rolling blackouts. Action not blame is needed.


The Texas electrical grid is designed to be independent from the rest of the US. We've received the benefits of that in the past, and we're feeling the pain of going it alone right now. There are a lot of reasons for our situation, but blaming the national government for our current situation will only blind us to the solutions we'll need to prevent this in the future.

Father of Six

Natives and Mr. Morris you are in over your head on this issue. You are both ignorant on this subject. Mr. Morris you are correct in one thing this is a Texas problem not federal problem so Natives blaming Ted Cruz is silly. It's a gas volume problem leading to other issue because of the cold. Most of the renewables are down so no help there. I really don't think anyone other than God could have seen this coming. Remember the earth is supposed to be warming up, not freezing. You look silly blaming the government for events that happen every 150 years.


"Remember the earth is supposed to be warming up, not freezing." At least your sense of humor hasn't frozen yet. And you call Mr. Morris and me ignorant and silly lol


It would help if the rolling blackouts actually rolled. The outage tracking from CNP is non operational. Some lose no power, others lose it for days. It is hard to boil water with nothing but warm fuzzy feelings.


Well if nothing else, this artic blast has proven green energy is a colossal failure

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