In l ess than 24 hours last week, four people called me a racist.

Two people called me racist against whites, which caused me to look at the hue of my skin. One person called me racist against Hispanics, which surprised my Hispanic wife and her family. And only one of the four claimed I was biased against African Americans, which many people probably assumed would have been the label applied most often.

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Meh. I wear it as a badge of honor. Did you see where Derek will probably get another trial due to a juror lying during the selection process. Turns out he is a BLM activist.


I don’t agree with everything you say because their are many blacks whom I work with and associate who don’t agree with narratives of the louder and driven divide. There is truths in all areas and lies

Take a quick view around you TV, TV commercials, headlines, opinions, programs , narratives, what comes out of the mouths of many in this narrative towards a certain group which we hear DAILY of lump judgement and hate. Makes one have to look hard to find the wrongdoings. Unnecessary police killings elevated these narratives of divide and are wrong in some instances, but one can look how many innocent police officers are being assassinated. Evil has many faces as does race judgement.The summary at the end is excellent. We should live as Gods children. Thus Jesus teachings. Jesus doesn’t see skin color , groups or types!!! He looks at mans character and heart. He wants truth


Yes I heard Joe Biden the same person who voted and pushed for incarceration of Black men and was against busing per his statement “ I don’t want my kids going to school in a racial jungle. This Joe?


How about you read the actual Motion, which is public record, before you spread misinformation? Nowhere does it mention this particular juror or the mistruths you are pushing. It's more of an attack on the Court and the State. Don't get too excited, Bulldog, the convicted murderer will remain in prison where he belongs.


I guess you are fine with the "Uncle Tim " comments too.


Again, know your audience, Bulldog. What makes you think I am fine with the Uncle Tom comments? Was it the post where I said it wasn't right to say and that individual would deal with the repercussions of their ignorance? I am not fine when it is said by a Democrat nor a Republican nor anyone. However you only want to be outraged when it is a Democrat who said it about a Republican politician. Speaks volumes about you.


ANTIFA is a global MARXIST organization

They are fighting US Constitution and Capitalism

Father of Six

Get your knee off our neck. Maxine Watters. President Biden. Settlement announcement during the trial. Two tiered justice system. Beau Biden. Hillary Clinton. General Flynn. Uncivil war. Get ready.


Did you just take that intelligence test that trump took?!? Woman, man, person, orange, cat lol.

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