When claims of social media bias against conservatives are made, they often are done through anecdotes without supporting data to back it up. The method makes it both easy to get people to rally behind the cause by also easy to debunk.

A survey from Pew Research Center in August indicated 90 percent of Republicans believed social media sites censored political viewpoints. About 59 percent of Democrats think that’s the case.

This editorial was written by Michael Morris, managing editro of The Facts.

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Without any evidence? Are you blind?

Father of Six

I'm sorry Mr. Morris but any social media company that would ban a local talk show host and not the ayatollah khommeini or louis farrakahn and routinely engages in political endorsing needs regulating. What say you about Twitter and the NY Post, Hunter Biden cover up? You also have no problem with the government telling businesses they must require people to wear mask. Do you want the government involved in private business or not?


Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro etc all used propaganda to deceive the masses. Mainstream media has been a lap dog for dems for decades. Facts has reported dems much differently than Repubs. Where is story on Cuomo for example???

This is dangerous action. The media should be responsible for their reporting as it’s a precious freedom. Irresponsibly and lies needs addressing

Here’s is reports on social media



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