There you are. Glad you decoded my email (“Purple ducks came on Wednesday.”) because I need your help. But first, did anyone follow you? Took the red-eye to La La Land, Greyhound to El Paso, crossed the border, parachuted back to the U.S. into the swimming pool behind the Waco YMCA and walked the last 184 miles? Good.

Lynn Ashby is a Houston-based columnist. Contact him at

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Time to retire Lynn. Funny how the had to change the policy on whistleblowing a month before the so called whistleblower came out. He is not a whistleblower he is a political hack installed by James Clapper and has worked closely with Joe Biden. The democrats are a bunch of vile traitors


Lynn liars sheepish subhumans like you are dangering our nation

Please go search lying Schiff who said he hadn’t talked to the friend/ whistleblower of Joe Biden , but then he did??Even the far left dem cult media Washington Post gave him 4 long noses as a liar. But old burned out corrupt lying Lynn who truth left him while covering and supporting the rapist Bill Clinton ignores a very gutter dwelling Schiff multiple liars. Why because you are a liar

You are so stupid and ignorant you support Hitler type justice charade


And how many long noses does trump get on a daily basis compared to any other person mentioned in the Washington Post?!?! Exactly.


Mr. Ashby hit a nerve because of the onslaught of name calling in the comment section. Last I checked, he wasn't the president who sold out the country for this own gain.

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