Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford

President Gerald Ford speaks during the first of three televised presidential debates with Democratic presidential candidate Jimmy Carter on Sept. 23, 1976, at Philadelphia’s Walnut Street Theater.

Think this is a different kind of election? Right about now during the 1976 presidential campaign, fully a third of the electorate was undecided. This year, the undecideds comprise about 7 percent of the electorate.

What’s the difference? The candidates, the country, the national mood, everything. But 1976 is a good place to start to understand what is happening with the candidates, country, national mood — indeed, everything.

David M. Shribman is the former executive editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Follow him on Twitter at ShribmanPG.

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“ Trump much of the same but worse”?? Best economy in decades, wages increased in 2019 7%, renegotiated trade deals which gave away Americans jobs, negotiating peace deals in the Middle East, stifled radical Islam attacks in the US and destroyed ISIS, amended 3 strikes you out dem incarceration of young black folks, just to name a few . This is bad


You can’t ignore the downward spiral since March and trumps own words on how powerful Covid is and how he downplayed it, oh wait, now he says he “up-played” it. Almost 200k Covid deaths and climbing, incredibly high unemployment, small businesses closing at a high rate, unrest in the streets, and over 20k documented lies. All done in 4 years under trump.


The choice is clear. Freedom or communisim


Exactly, Biden Harris 2020.




BREAKING: The Michigan secretary of state misprinted the Trump line on ballots intended to be mailed to troops serving overseas.


Breaking news...here comes the next conspiracy theory to be pushed by trump.


Geez who replaced biden in his village?

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