Children arriving at the southern border without their parents have presented a political and humanitarian challenge for the past three presidents.

Their numbers began rising considerably after 2009, when 19,418 children were taken into custody at the border, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Unaccompanied minors peaked in 2014, with 68,000 apprehensions. Analysts say 2021 is on pace to break that record, with more than 600 children arriving daily to the U.S.-Mexico border. Most are teenagers seeking asylum.

Ediberto Román, a professor of law at Florida International University, wrote this piece for wrote this for The Conversation, an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts. Read the original article at

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This is all on the Fraud in Chief. If this were happening under President Trump he would have been bashed 24/7 on every media channel


Why would any parent send a child unaccompanied through a treacherous journey

Many of these kids get raped and sold into sextrafficing. All these stories always leave off the leftist activists promoting kids and families to come to the US under false promises of breaking the law

Biden hasn’t been forthcoming and liberal reporting covers him unlike the attacks on Trump

Biden had no plan in place when he opened the borders and tried to eliminate reporters from seeing the mess and controlling a message of lies

Even tried to talk Congressmen not to release photos but Henry Cuellar did so stating this is our of control

Bidens emotional idea resulted in suffering of many illegals and Americans. He owns this now and there should no covering for his decision

This needs to stop. Why do you think folks were wearing Biden shirts. They didn’t fall of trees, somebody supplied them as a political statement.So the Biden administration knee this but did nothing. Quit blaming Trump


It did happen and he was bashed. How soon your forget.

Father of Six

Well laid out piece. Unfortunately President Biden and the democrat party have proven over and over they only want to politicize the abandoned children at the border. Under President Trump they cared, under President Biden they don't exist. Democrats and the devils solution is kill them before they are born. The whole situation at the border seems so inconvenient for the democrats and Joe Biden. Joe Biden and his allies in the media are too busy being racist and treating the people of color in Georgia like they are helpless morons. Look squirrel!

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