World will see better America under Biden

America is a divided country. On one side is the America of Lincoln and Joe Biden; the other is the America of Andrew Jackson and the White House nationalists of Donald Trump. One is altruistic and humane, the other excessive in a cause to keep America white. One is sensible, the other out of control egotistically. One is judicious and the other arrogant in the use of great power.

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Now you see why I have such disgust for the democrat party. They are vile evil people that look to win at all cost even at the expense of the American soul. Biden may well have won, but his short presidency will be seen a illegitimate due to the actions of the democrats. The refused to let poll watchers do their job. Millions of votes were counted in complete seceret. My theory is the reason they stopped counting was they believed the polls and found out President Trump was winning so they had to stop counting and gin up more fake ballots. Once again the democrats have cheated the American people.


So now you are pairing Joe Biden, the man who praised KKK Robert Byrd with Abe Lincoln. Just shows how twisted the Democrats are.


Not to mention getting millions of dollars from China, Russia, and the Ukraine via his son Hunter.


trump calls himself the King of Israel and compared himself to the second coming of Christ....shows how twisted he is.




False. He repeated what someone else said and said he was not equal to Jesus


what a twisted lying opinion!! Democrats are doing all they can to destroy the United States and turn it into a communist dictatorship!! How sad that we have people that actually believe their message and then try to demonize President Trump and the rest of us! Joe Biden is the only proven racist of the 2!!

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