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What would it cost to make the Texas electrical grid robust enough to weather a terrible winter storm? It would cost about $8.3 billion — if the state followed a proposal from the Oracle from Omaha, Warren Buffett.

Texas got close to the brink this week, as bad weather, inadequate preparation and weak leadership left millions without electricity and water, endangered in a prosperous state that ought to know better.

Hospitals face the new year with new requirements to post price information they have long sought to obscure: the actual prices negotiated wit…

City Council is considering setting and posting a maximum per-person tournament price at the city’s Wilderness Golf Course, since the current ability to fluctuate prices upset at least one resident.

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CLUTE — More clarity and explanation is needed before city officials can approve amendments to Clute’s parking ordinance, City Manager CJ Snip…

HOUSTON — More than half of Texas Realtors report having lost sales during the coronavirus pandemic, but most are optimistic the industry will…