Andrew Brown

Local bodybuilder Andrew Brown recently finished fourth out of 22 competitors at his first show, the Europe Games, in Orlando, Fla.

Brazosport High School graduate Andrew Brown has come a long way since deciding to work out a couple of years ago and then become a successful bodybuilder.

Thirty-three-year-old Brown, who owns his own trucking company and drives himself when he isn’t in the gym, competed last weekend at the Europe Games men’s bodybuilding competition, a two-day event in Orlando, Fla.

Participating in the men’s physique class, Brown placed fourth out of 22 competitors. His goal was to finish in the Top 5 and qualify for the Junior Nationals. He did just that and will compete at that event in May 2019.

If he does well there, he will go on to make his pro debut and earn his pro card.

“it was the first show that I went to and it was a pretty good show,” Brown said. “It has over 200 competitors and I had like 25 in my class. It was a national qualifier so it was a big show, but I did place in the top five to qualify for nationals.

Brown has been working out for a couple of years, but said he didn’t really get into bodybuilding until last November, when he found himself a coach for his nutrition and training, specifically for bodybuilding.

His main reason for his bodybuilding and working out is to promote a healthy lifestyle.

“A lot of people ask me how I got like this,” Brown said. “It just motivates people to eat healthy and all that. I just try to motivate people to eat healthy and stay positive.”

Brown said people come up to him and ask how he could be in shape like that being a truck driver. He reminds them it is all about eating healthy, working out and keeping a positive outlook.

He was proud of the way his first show went in Orlando, especially considering he hasn’t been doing it that long.

“A lot of the guys have been doing this for five, 10 years and they were shocked that I had only been training since November,” Brown said.

Brown said he also isproud of becoming a motivator for those who may look up to him now, especially in a trainer’s role.

“I told my wife, I don’t want to train people that aren’t going to be serious,” Brown said. “I want to train obese people. That isn’t the right way to say it, but people that I see that need weight loss. I have a guy that trains me to build muscle. I don’t want to train someone to do that. I want to train people who are overweight and would like to get in shape.”

Brown’s next show is in August and he is already beginning to train for it. He said Saturday his coach had just emailed him his new diet.

“My goal right now is to gain weight,” Brown said. “I am trying to gain weight because the guys that placed before me were a little bit bigger so I am trying to put on 10 or 15 pounds.”

Bodybuilding and the training that goes along with it have turned into something Brown enjoys.

“It really has,” Brown said. “It really has disciplined me in my life.”

Brown said he also has been surprised by the support of the Brazosport area.

“A lof of the community is supporting me and it even shocked me,” Brown said. “A lot of people on Facebook and Instagram from Brazoria County are supporting me.”

Brown isn’t the only one who has noticed the support.

“There has been huge community support and he greatly appreciates it and is honored to represent Brazoria County,” Melissa, his wife, said.

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