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Born in 1891, Bessie Delany became one of the first African American women licensed to practice dentistry in the state of New York. Her big sister Sadie, born in 1889, became the first Black teacher of domestic science at the high school level. The sisters tell the story of their 100 years of life in “Having Our Say,” performed by Center Stages.

The past year has been rough all around, and local moms have encountered various difficulties: the loss of family members, pregnancies and births without a family member’s hand to hold, and navigating kids’ virtual learning while working. They keep it together, because that’s what moms do.

Three more lives have been claimed by COVID-19, according to the numbers released by Brazoria County officials Wednesday.

Childhood friends Max and Sean created Twisted Duo Construction to do good work while helping people. Two local businesses have rebranded, and the Texas Gulf Bank in Freeport has broken ground on a new building.

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More than text in a schoolbook, history is tangible and present, Freeport Historical Museum Coordinator Wade Dillon said. By inviting the local community to contribute family heirlooms to the “Mexico: Splendors of Thirty Centuries” exhibit, they’re able to connect material culture to a history which spans longer than anybody can remember.

When it comes to hiring people, district officials look for people who want to serve students first, and then who have the experience, ideas and drive to help the district and to improve the lives of those students they serve.

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