Father of Six

Natives5 I hope your family in the assited living facilities are safe.

Amen Bulldog. Unfortunately, I think this was not a good day for Mr. Morris or The Facts opinion page.

I asked my doctor when he thought COVID19 would go away? He said "how would I know? I'm a doctor, not a politican".

So when you use the lefts arguments against them they go silent. I can't make any sense out of rwhoi's post.

God help them. They have no support from thier owners. Let's all pray for them please.

They aren't breaking the law, the are peacefully protesting! Wear your mask.

I think you missed Bull's point. My mother is in Oak Village nursing home. (You should remember the Facts glowing article on how they are connecting family with the wonderful tv. BS!) The magic mask's didn't prevent my mom from getting COVID19. Wear your mask, but it's not the silver bull…

We have shorter fuses these days. Wether it be from missing the daily interactions with our friends and coworkers or jsut the isolation and uncertainty. The cancel culture we live in doesn't help either. Lastly, we are Texans and that comes with pride and the disdain for being told what t…

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Dinner with the family is definitely more importaant than this discussion. I enjoyed spagehtti with meatballs with mine. Not sure that Joe Biden was a major supporter of VAWA as it was sposered by Republicans. Joe Bidens not a horrible person but he has done very little to help the common…

Father of Six commented on Letters to the editor for Aug. 4, 2020

Natives are you going to answer my question? What do think is Joe Bidens major accomplishment in his 50+ years as a politician?