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Vicki A Ennis is right, there are a lot of nice democrats. The problem is their party has been taken over by a bunch of radical leftist. I would compare this to the peaceful protesters being taken over by the mob, the rioters who seek to destroy America as we know it. You don't have to ta…

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Their first lesson should be to figure out this schedule!

So the whole bunch walks with simply repayment of their ill gotten gains. You mean to tell me that this stolen money could not have been recovered by any other means? I find that hard to believe.

Attn BISD, it does no good having chrome books if the teachers aren't sending out lessons. My grand kids got 30 minutes to an hour work each day. This does not replace a day at school!

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Mr. Kaw,

Unscrupulous things? Make no mistake about it this is a fight between good and evil. How dare you say this about peaceful people at a rally when the streets are filled with rioters killing people, beating business owners for defending their businesses. Robbing, burning, loo…

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First you say you don't agree with looting then you add that "but". Then you speak of physical things can be replaced. That tells me you do agree with the riots and looting then hide behind your love for god. Amazing!

This is what the county judge is talking about. Not a mask in sight. So much for drive by trophy.

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When did if you get caught stealing just pay it back over time become the norm?

Never any meaningful punishment. West Columbia, Danbury, Freeport. There is no deterrent for this behavior. If you get caught, just pay it back is not punishment. Someone needs to make an example of these people.