Another issue that leads to this problem is people not utilizing their garages for cars. Instead they are filled with junk.

Their record is 15-13 now.,tx)/volleyball/schedule.htm

If they were in the Bronze Division they didn't go undefeated through the weekend. They had at least 2 or possibly 3 losses during the first day of the tournament to get seeded in the Bronze Division.

Good luck today Lady Bucs!!!

Tough team for those Bwood lady's in the first round but so proud how far they've come this season. Young team with a lot of potential!

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Brazoswood defeated Elsik

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Great teamwork last night ladies!!!!

wow...really usabras!!!! It's a standard exercise by the military that plays out somewhere and somehow every year in the country. Do you know how many times we had exercises in the Navy where Florida was represented has a hostile country and we practiced incursions into it?

And the Go…


Not a negative comment from me just realistic and stating the obvious. I'm a gun enthusiast and I own and build my own AR's. I've also spent over a decade in the military. As I stated his heart is in the right place. I take my 11 year old shooting with me. She can hit bul…

Now as for civilians "guarding" recruiting stations. I believe your heart is in the right place but your actions are not correct.

Unfortunately if something "should go down", your body will be the first for the police to find. Reason being: 1)You are in the open w…