Mary Newport


Love was in the air Thursday at Westside Elementary, as Alice Perales and Joanna West prepared their first grade class for Valentine's Day. They colored love bugs and wrote sweet notes as they ruminated on the nature of love.


The Octopus Eight isn’t an actual octet of cephalopods. It is a group of Angleton Christian School students, and they surfaced on the coast to give a presentation about pedestrian safety.

Developers of the proposed Acadian Landing Subdivision in the city are thinking smaller will sell better and asked Oyster Creek leaders to approve downsizing some of the specifications for the project.

Concerned citizens and government representatives gathered Jan. 30 at the Alvin Public Library on for the Chocolate Bay Water Quality Public Meeting


LAKE JACKSON — There’s a room full of secrets in the Center for Business/Industry Training at Brazosport College. Those who enter find themsel…

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